Mineable Shape Optimiser

Version 1
Commercialised in 2011, Mineable Shape Optimiser (MSO) is a strategic mine planning tool that automates the design of stope shapes for a range of stoping methods for underground mines. Using constraints detailing mining method and design parameters MSO provides the optimal stope shape design to maximise the value of an orebody. The outputs (stope wireframes, section strings and reports) are suitable for use in strategic and tactical planning.

A key feature of MSO is its ability to quickly analyse different stoping methods or stoping parameters to assist engineers to develop a strategic mine plan based on different approaches to mine an orebody.

Step-change in technology
Traditionally an engineer would design individual stopes using a single stope shape. In contrast, MSO can generate and evaluate thousands of iterations, taking into account stope geometry as well as geological and geotechnical constraints to work out the optimal shape that maximises value. The second major advantage of MSO is its ability to identify not just the stope shapes to extract, but also the ones to leave behind.

Version 2
Released commercially in late 2013, version 2 provides a greater level of detail, flexibility and optimisation.

Some of the key enhancements are:

  • More robust naming options for the output stope triangulations
  • Ability to specify irregular stope frameworks
  • Options to optimise the framework itself
  • Additional methods for specifying cutoff and inclusion of headgrade cutoff parameters
  • Post-processing options to split, merge or smooth the stope shapes
  • Ability to apply restrictions through conditions and structure surfaces
  • Use of control strings to guide the positions of the stope shapes
  • Inclusion of a new optimisation method – Section Method

Future enhancements
Version 3 is planned for release in 2016 and will increase the level of detail and provide improved stope design solutions for medium and short term planning.

MSO is distributed through these leading software suppliers to the mining industry:

Decline Optimiser

Decline Optimiser is a tool that allows engineers to rapidly generate and assess multiple alternative optimised decline designs in a fraction of the time that it takes to do manually with design software tools.

Provided with constraints specific to the mining method, the Decline Optimiser optimises the decline path between a specified number of locations in 3D space which represent the access points to major levels in the mine.

Optimisation Controls include:

  • Minimise total path length
  • Minimise arc length
  • Minimise deviation from preferred orientations
  • Minimise total cost

Decline Optimiser is distributed exclusively through Datamine.